Project 01: Sexism in Kpop (Part 2)

I wanted to have a distinct aesthetic with my magazine, and I found a video that had a threshold effect with audio, and I decided to approach my magazine in the same style. I looked for the app that adds videos onto your images, as soon as you position the camera on them. Most of my images were from music videos and photoshoots of Kpop idols. I cut their videos into shorter clips of 4 to 10 seconds, and turned them into gifs, then made those gifs threshold then turned that back into a video, and added audio. I then sent those videos to myself, and positioned them on the images using HP Reveal.

Project 01: Sexism in Kpop (Part 1)

The Korean pop industry is sexist especially when it comes to censorship. I found a video on YouTube that inspired me to do this topic, and it was titled “Kpop Banned Dance: MV vs LIVE”. Most of the videos featured on there were those of girl groups, and their dance moves were altered, and changed, as they were banned from being televised on live music networks. Either that, or they were rated 15+ or 19+ as if it was pornographic content. I think it’s especially hypocritical when boy groups do certain dances that would be deemed sexual if done by female Korean idols.

This magazine is a platform for me to kind of diss boy groups, and praise girl groups when that is definitely what is not happening right now. I just chose to do the opposite as that’s how some of Kpop fans act when a guy is sexual, sensual, and shows his abs, whereas, female idols are harassed for being confident, sexy, and showing off their bodies. Girl groups are not even severely sexual when you compare them to male idols, they’re about equal, yet get completely different treatments. Why is that? What female idols does not even compare to what Western female artists do.


Week 15


I feel like the final poser took a lot of time, but less thinking was required, because I had to take my file from illustrator to indesign. I had to follow what Law recommended if I wanted the best results. I made the body copy the size that was recommended, and made it shorter in character length. I listened to Law’s advice and moved the logo somewhere where it aligns with the L. I split up the sentence into three different parts, and added a box that was of the same color and tone as some of the elements on the poster.

I honestly did not like the box or the color of it but I had to listen to what was suggested, and I grew to like it after seeing it on paper. I didn’t like the color, because I felt like it only goes well with the first part of the sentence as that one is placed in a light area, and not the rest. I looked up a way to control the opacity, and I made it opaque, so I like it a lot better.

I am still not happy with the placement of the logo. It feels like it’s floating, but then again it’s connected to the L, so I guess it really isn’t that bad. I probably would have moved it up a bit so that it’s closer to the edge. I used gridding and tried to align things to make it look well thought out, intentional and organised.

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 12.08.32 AM

I learned a lot from this project. My skills have definitely improved; both digital and physical. My craft for sure improved. I was afraid of cutting my own posters for almost everything, and always got someone to do it for me if there was someone, but I did this on my own. I learned about giving things importance by scaling down certain elements and scaling others up. I had an epiphany the last class, because Law said that we are trying to use levels 1 and 2 to get to level 3, which is the body copy. I was like shook for a second, because that is so true. I just never really thought about this project that way. The purpose of level 1 is to stop someone from a distant, and level 2 is for someone passing by and 3 is what you want them to see.

Now gotta go my boo is calling 😛


Week 15

1 What did your group accomplish today?
What did your group make? 
We put together four different old-school commercials ranging from the 1930s to the 1950s era along with presenting the products featured in these advertisements.
We looked at the Red Balloon movie for ideas, and ads from the black and white era for inspiration on creating our own videos.
We discovered that we all work differently yet so similarly. We all came up with four different things that I don’t think anyone else would have come up with. We all thought around the same idea from the start, but have all expanded our brand through creating a well-made video, a refined product and a well-thought out concept. We worked the same, but made different things.
Experiment with?
We experimented with vinyl cutting for the very first time, and have used previous skills that we have learned onto creating something brand new, and specifically for this particular project.
2 What are the groups concerns about the project today?
That people will not understand the concept and ideas that we are showcasing today.
3 How will the group address and manage these concerns?
We gave brief descriptions of what each product meant and what it represented.
4 What innovations did your group make today?
We did something else. We did something that no other group did. We touched upon visual communication, auditory communication, and physical communication.
1 How did you personally contribute to the collaboration today? 
I feel like my ad in particular touched upon many different aspects and forms of communications. I am the only one that included four of the five senses, as I made a perfume with a one of a kind scent. I compiled the our commercials that we showcased to the entire class, including the start and the end of the red balloon.
2 What did you personally contribute to the collaboration today? 
What did you make? 
I made a perfume, using four different fragrances that I combined, and poured in a bottle that I bought. I made a logo that was meant to be an engraving on the perfume, which was cut with vinyl. I also stacked 4 small circles to cover up the marks on the engraved ellipse on the bottle. I made a box for the perfume, with shots from the movie on every side. The inside of the box was red, with a description in the back, a disclaimer and some information. I also made a mini logo for our Red For Filth proclaimed company.
Description of the product on the installation:
Rouge: A fragrance designed for you and your imaginary friend. Your friend will no longer feel left out when you wear this perfume, as it is for both of you to put on. Share this strong scent with your best imaginary friend, and you shall never be apart.
Description of the product on the box:
This fragrance is one of a kind. it is a mixture of four different scents provided by L’actone Beauty Care in Turkey. it is a unique unisex perfume. not only is it for males, females, and whoever is in between, it is also for those individuals that are often left out. they are known as imaginary friends.
 I looked at different silent movies and attempted to look for music similar to that. Turns out, one of my favorite kpop songs’ instrumental version worked so well once it was slowed down. I also tried to look up silent movie typefaces, downloaded two for free, and saw which one was more legible, and went with that. I found a translucent effect that old black and white movies had with all the dust and scratches. I looked into my own closet and dressed my cousin in an old suit and tie attire that I had when I was his age. I didn’t have a shirt, so I borrowed my sister’s, the vest, the pants and the tie were mine, and the fedora was my cousin’s.
Background music:
Font: NickelodeonNF
Old effect:
 That I work really well on Premiere, and I am good at editing, and turning out amazing videos at the end, as long as I have a clear concept and idea as to what I want it to look, and I think that helped a lot. Knowing what I was doing, made me confident in what I was working on. I thought it turned out really great. Same thing with the box, and the perfume.
Experiment with?
I have always wanted to make a perfume, so I feel like this was a really great opportunity to experiment with something that I have always had in the back of my mind, but never really gotten the chance to do.
3 What risks did you take today? Why and how?
I wanted to be the model for my own advertisement, but I didn’t have anyone to shoot me in the act, so I worked with my cousin. I think this was a risk in particular, because Law was not made aware of how my final video is going to look. I think I was a little late with figuring out what I wanted to do. That’s on me, and my teammates to a certain extent. I was, however, really confident in this, because regardless of him being aware or not, I knew he, and everyone else in class was going to enjoy it.
4 Reflecting on what has happened today, what did you learn or discover about yourself? About the design process? About time management?
I learned that I am a team player, and from what was brought to my attention by my peers, I am honest, and helped them out on several occasions when they came to me for advice. I think I am an easy person to work with, and so does Ghazal. I have great ideas, and understood the project well. From what I heard, Law loved the idea of the perfume for you and your imaginary friend, and I think that’s evidence as to how great my ideas are. I am good at video editing, and did really well with my own video and the final product. Ghazal told me that I take whatever’s in my mind and relate that to the project, no matter how weird or how odd it may be, I put it on the map and knock it out of the park. I should have planned my video ahead, but I mean I did, it’s just that everyone else was busy, and then I got busy making the perfume and the box, which made it difficult to shoot the video. I did it myself, and it turned out really well from the reactions I got.


Week 14

We had to take the notes we got from the feedback we got from the sketches, and apply them on our A2 tiled posters. I made it A1 by accident, so I guess I was a little ahead. Law did not like the white type on a sandy background, so I had to box that shit or make it darker. The body copy was a little too long. The placement of the logo and the tilt don’t work. I had to fix all of that.


We had to tile A1 by next class and make changes. We were divided into groups where we had to go write things that could be fixed and improved upon in other peoples’ posters excluding our own group’s. We wrote a lot of feedback. It was easy to point out the flaws in other people’s works. But hard on our own works.

A lot of the things that were written on my poster were reiterated by Law and Mahmoud. They said that the sentence was too distracting. They looked at the sentence before the word, and that needed to change. The two different colors did not work well. I have to use a box color that’s close to the background, they said. The one word that’s all alone feels like it’s not part of the sentence. They also told me to divide it into three to four different parts, and use more of the lower left area.

I forgot certain parts that I needed to change, so my body copy was divided, but the paragraphs were still a little too long, and having indentations before each paragraph was unnecessary when they’re already separated. Law did not like the logo, neither did Mahmod. I liked it at first, but they made me not like it. They were right about the logo being so sharp, right next to a blurry object, so I had to move that shit around, and put it somewhere else. The sharpness next to the blurry plane makes the blurriness seem unintentional.



Week 14

This week we started working on our installation. Steffi, Ghazal and Kainat came on Saturday to paint the pedestals on the wall. By the time I arrived, they were done. I was late because family’s a bitch, and because I needed to buy things for my product. I mixed the four fragrances in a jar, and then started working on the engraved logo that’s going to go on the perfume. There was an ugly ass jewel that I hadn’t decided what to do with yet, so I just colored that in with nail polish.


Sunday, I poured the food coloring into the perfume bottle to make the liquid look red, which was meant to be used just for the ad, as I can’t mix it with the fragrance I made because it would stain. I asked Mahmoud how to use the vinyl cutter, and that’s when I placed my type on the bottle. I was ready to film by then, but got filming delayed. Same thing happened on Monday, so I just worked on my package, and Law wanted to see something, but I didn’t have anything, but it’s not like I got the help I needed.

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 9.00.15 AM.png

Tuesday, I started filming (thank god). I started at noon, paused and wrapped up at night. Wednesday, Law saw the video I put together for my perfume’s ad. The videos were obviously not what I wanted for ROUGE (the perfume; red in French). They just weren’t as artistic as I wanted mine to look, so I’m glad Law didn’t like it. He said it was creepy, and didn’t know what was going on until I showed the perfume towards end. He also said that it looked too much like QF, so I had to choose another location to shoot my ad in. I then decided to go with my plan B whatever the fuck that was. I was interested in making it a silent movie style ad, and Law approved.

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 8.58.43 AM.png

Thursday night, I filmed my cousin acting out how I told him to, and he did a really great job. He just whined a lot lol. Ghazal loved his acting, and wanted to eat him up, and his cuteness. I started editing the video on Friday, and Saturday I worked on my perfume box. The perfume box consisted of screenshots from the movie on every side of the box, with the inside being red, and ROUGE on the front with a red balloon as a nod to the film. I poured the fragrance into the bottle after pouring out the red colored fluid.


I made several prototypes of the perfume box, because I wanted it to look presentable and pretentious, like those French-wannabe perfume ads you see on TV from time to time. I wrote a description out and had Steffi print it out on paper, because vinyl did not work properly. I then decided to measure the small circle on the perfume bottle and print it out using vinyl, and I did that, and it looked much better than the nail polish.

Ghazal and Kainat were setting up as they had finished their videos and products already, while I was working on putting the perfume box together using thick paper, and then started on working on video editing and compiling all the videos together. Steffi was working on her video still as she had just filmed it prior to that evening. We set everything up, and left.