Print 1 Blog 13: Packaging (Part 4)

Individual part: I added one last thing to the final package to make the package easier to open. This was suggested by Star, but I still wish I added folds on the hexagon to be opened that way, but I did not think about it initially. My initial design was meant to be opened where the window is. I changed that and made it a window like Star’s and added rectangular corners. I had no idea what I wanted my final package, everything came last minute, because we did not have much time to work on it.

On the same day I had to submit this, I had troubles with the law so I guess you could say I had troubles with the law and law. I did a lot of the stuff last minute. I am pleased with the final shape, but I wish I worked on the craft better and had more time to work on it by creating folds and actually having the tagline show up on the package.

I also worked on two collateral objects and added the other stuff I have already made for the brand manual as part of the collection of objects we already have. I made these by printing our logo on vinyl but I first measured the space it was going to be printed on and printed the appropriate size for that.

Group part: We were working well as a group for the last presentation. Interior were making last minute changes to renderings based on our feedback. We were working on collaterals and refining our packages too for the presentation. This was a good end to the semester, however, we were all very nervous for the final presentation. We practiced, and unfortunately Farza was not able to make it, but our weight made up for more than her loss and I’m glad we were able to speak over her section. It showed that we knew each other’s parts very well. The presentation got really positive feedback and I’m glad the professors understood our concept well and what we were saying, because I felt personally I wasn’t consistent with my words, but managed to speak on the overall idea.


Print 1 Blog 12: Packaging (Part 3)

Individual part: I was playing with a pattern and came up with a basic package that I thought would work for our brand, as it consisted of polka dots of the colors in our scheme.  It was just a last minute thing. I did it right before class, and figured out better have something than nothing. I however decided to change it after Law got mad and printed one and made one ASAP. I did it according to the colors my partner had right before we went to ask for feedback from Law. He said we could use some influence on each other’s packages.



I liked the after a lot more, but I still did not know what the package was going to be for, so I was still thinking about that while also thinking of ways to make it so that it goes with our concept. Star gave me the idea to make the package so that instead of it being wide and for french fries that it could be a long package for some kind of oil. I thought about that and then started to work on the package. The result I got was good.


Group part: I kept working on the package and making some changes according to my group’s feedback. We also discussed with our group about the interior stuff and how everything should be set up and placed. We went over the sketches Farza & Manahil had come up with and went over what we enjoyed and disliked on all. Both of them had really good ideas but we had to come up with a conclusion and leave the rest of the interior work to them.

Print 1 Blog 11: Packaging (Part 2)

Individual part: This was the official week of starting to work on the project, and it was a good time to experiment. I used a previous template I had used for a packaging project where I made an octagon, but instead I turned that into a hexagon, and turned it into a 3D form. I didn’t know what to use for that package so I started looking into other package ideas and found some others.

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 12.09.01 AM

With Star, I discussed an idea for my package and what could go in it as well. She suggested a longer version of the shape I had considered, and I thought about it. I started making the templates for those ideas on the days to come. I thought that these packages were for sure a lot better and would give me a higher chance of doing well. I made them roughly and decided to work on them more before choosing a final design for my package.


Group part: We started talking and just discussing stuff. It wasn’t that deep it was just about ideas and contemplating stuff related to the project. We showed them our brand manuals and shared stuff with them, just basically sharing our work with interior, but that wasn’t always reciprocated when it came to actually doing the work with us. We went over future outcomes for the collateral stuff and what each of us was going to focus on in the project. We found out later on that our stuff can be just 2D, which is a good option, but 3D would have been a lot better, but due to time constraints we might just stick to 2D collateral objects.

Print 1 Blog 10: Packaging (Part 1)

We found out that we were going to have a final group project, where we are mostly responsible for packaging. We got a demo for a lot of things packaging related. This is another collaboration with interior design, and I doubt I am going to help them. I will I am just kidding, but I hoped they did the same, but we’re a lot better and a lot nicer than they are, so we will. There is also going to be a final presentation which sounds like the easiest part of the whole thing. The trip to Al Sharq was really cool, because it was just interesting seeing how all those things coming from and belonging to different companies and businesses were being printed in this one place. 

Print 1 Blog 9: Brand Manual (Part 5)

The brand manual was due this week, and it was a rough couple of days before the final. It was so hard to do personally. I had to stay up overnight to try and finish this. I have had so many errors with it in general, specifically when it came to printing, alignment, and cutting. It was taking too long to print for me, and I couldn’t even print from inDesign or as a PDF. The printers had been processing my stuff for hours with no outcome. It eventually printed and I had it given to Ibrahim for cutting and then I printed out the cover and stapled it right before the deadline. I also had interaction work to do so that explains the staying up late part.



I am pretty pleased with the way the background image turned out as a background color for my pages. It was the grey that I wanted but had a texture to it that I thought added an element of surprise to the brand manual. I thought the cover page encompassed a lot of the vectors and small visual elements I have included in the manual like the ones on title pages. I like my table of contents, it looks very neat and has that dash of a vector which adds an interesting flare to it; I’d say the same with my mission statement page. Those two pages were very important because they had a lot of the type and somewhat designed how everything else was going to fall so it was very important that they looked perfect in my eyes. The tone of voice page had an overlapping image that went over both that page and the color scheme, but turned out bad because of the way I stapled it. I learned that the logo that has everything as in all the information like the symbol, name & tagline is always the primary logo, even if it’s not the most one in use in the brand.


I thought the logo pages were pretty good up until the ones with the color codes, because of the placement of the type there, and the different logo color combinations. Speaking of type, I wanted to use a typeface that isn’t typically used and is not common but is easily readable and legible for print as well as it having proper kerning. I wasn’t that happy with the logo misuse part because some of the logos felt out of place but that’s the point is that they should not be out of place, and that if it is then it’s not being used correctly. The logo sizes part I’m also not pleased with, because they feel kinda off compared to the other logos, but that’s because of the playing with the size part.


The exclusion zones were alright, and I was confused as to how to do them at first but I was able to figure out that the measurement comes from within the logo. The type section could have used more typefaces, and more on the particular typeface we are working with. I like the shirt and the restaurant items I made for the products, but the cards looked a little too unrealistic because of their bright colors. Moving onto the materials which is my favorite section. I had that idea of stacking the textures in hexagons and it turned out really well. I then moved around the hexagons as I specified what and how the materials would be included into our brand, which I got by asking and discussing with Manahil. The last crossover image also did not turn out well because of the binding, but it doesn’t look too bad.


The brand manual was a lot of work, and I struggled with it, but I was happy with the outcome of it. I just wish I focused on the details later on and did the bigger things first like putting the images and type on the file. I also would have liked to have properly finished my slugs, and did a better job with the overall craft especially with the stapling, but that was a last minute thing, and I’ll try to improve and do better for next time.

Print 1 Blog 8: Brand Manual (Part 4)

Individual part: I was just working and working. I got more busy with the interior aspect of the project that I could not fully focus on the brand manual and adding things to it. I had some stuff on the side, and putting them in the document should have been a priority. I was more focused on the details, like making sure everything was perfect and in CMYK, 300 dpi, etc. Basically everything that needed to be done. Law himself told me that he wasn’t seeing a lot of stuff on my file, because I had some things on the side I haven’t placed, I was also busy working on the research for images, and I also wasn’t progressing as much because of my attention to detail. From that point onwards I just pushed myself to work harder and try to finish it on time.

Group part: There really was no activity done as a group, which is why I’m just writing about what I did individually. I did ask for help from interior, but they were both busy, at least Manahil did help with renderings. I gave up on trying to get Farza to do work for Star and I so I just did it myself. I told her how I wanted my images exactly, and how she should scan, but she just wasn’t getting it. It’s like talking to a child to be completely honest. Doing the image research did take a lot of time, and I’m happy with the results. I think I learned that I’m better off doing things for myself in a group project, because I won’t always like the outcomes of my other teammates, and they won’t always appreciate my feedback.

Print 1 Blog 7: Brand Manual (Part 3)

Individual part: I found it hard to work on the brand manual. I could not motivate myself to start, and I had no idea where to even begin. I had all these rules I had to follow that once I started I felt overwhelmed. I worked on how to lay out the mission statement while following my grid, and the contents table. I was looking for fonts and tried various ones until I settled for gravity because it was the one I liked most of the ones I had found. I added shapes in the pages because I felt like they were empty and they were shapes from the hexagon shape itself, obviously using 3 of the 4 colors of our palette. I did not want to use white as there is enough white already.

I asked for a 3d form from Manahil from interior, representing a glass facade that might be incorporated into the store. There are other ones she’s working on. I showcased the logo in different states and in the main 2 colors were gonna use. I still am working on what I will include. I also collected textures based on materials were gonna use.

Ceramic for the floor in the grocery store, resin epoxy to make the ceramic floor shiny, ceramic tiles for the bathroom, concrete for the building structure, and glass for the front store / market facade.

Hexagonal vinyl tiles for the floor of the restaurant, wood vinyl tiles to blend with the hexagonal patterns and to not show too much hexagons, quartz for kitchen tables, steel/metal for framing of tables which will be terrazzo. We might even do marble for the hexagons on the floor and walls, but interior people did not find this idea interesting, but my graphic partner and I do. I also completely forgot about plastic chairs that we were gonna incorporate and I asked interior, and they said since were not doing plastic tables anymore we dont need plastic, which wasnt right.

Group part: As a group, us graphic designers worked for our own project including the research of interior aspects of the store, with the help of Manahil with 3D forms that were rendered. We did not discuss much, we just went over things we needed from interior that Manahil did, and materials that we were questioning, basically making small changes.